Tropical Bryology



D. Quandt (University of Bonn)


Editorial Board:

N. E. Bell (University of Helsinki), W. R. Buck (The New York Botanical Garden),
P. Câmara (University of Brasilia), B. C. Ho (Duke University),
S. Huttunen (University of Turku), Y. León-Vargas (Universidad de los Andes, Mérida),
D. Quandt (University Bonn), B.J. O´Shea (London),
M. Stech (NCB Naturalis), B.C. Tan (National University of Singapore),
A. Vanderpoorten (University of Liège)

Aim and Scope

Tropical Bryology was introduced in 1989 by Jan-Peter Frahm and Robbert Gradstein (who later became the first scientific editor) to provide scientists a platform to present bryological research concerning the tropics. Besides encouraging tropical bryology the journal wants to promote researchers from the tropics. This is one of the reasons why the journal still provides 50% discount to subscribers from tropical countries. Being the first fully computer-produced cryptogamic journal it was also the first to provide electronic versions of the published volumes (on disk!).
Currently, apart from the printed versions, each number is available as a facsimile edition in Acrobat Reader format that allows full text searching and the use of digitized illustrations and bibliographies.

The journal is published as a non-profit journal.

ISSN 0935-5626